In addition to our research we actively engage with various governmental and non-governmental organisations, and individual people, across Africa to better conserve the four African pangolin species. We would like to develope a network of contacts throughout Africa who are accredited and  have the knowledge and facilities to care for confiscated pangolins prior to their release back into the wild. We would also like to engage with more of the national legislatures on issues of law enforcement and both improving the legislation pertaining to pangolins and ensuring that it is enforced.

We are also actively monitoring the distribution of pangolins across Africa. This will allow us to better mao their current distributions - data that are used to periodically reassess their conservation status on the IUCN Red List as well as being used as a proxy for the total population size.These data can also indicate whether their distributions are expanding, stable or contracting. All of this information is valuable, but can only be gathered with the help of the public.

If you are able to support our work, either by submitting any pangolin sightings or through a financial or in-kinfd donation, please consider doing so.