The African Pangolin Working Group is guided by its Executive Committee, which consists of a minimum of six office bearers representing all facets of the group's activities. The present board members largely reflect the founding members of the group, but new board members can be co-opted onto the board if they are nominated by a member of the current board, and this nomination is supported by the majority of the serving board members.

In addition to the board, the group enters into collaborations with various governmental and non-governmental organisations and individuals, provided that these organisations or individuals have similar goals and a similar philosophy to the African Pangolin Working Group.

Students form a vital component of our organisation, and we have an active postgraduate research group. Students are supervised and mentored by experienced academics, and are given the freedom to formulate and test their own hypotheses and propose their own avenues of research. We maintain a high standard of research, as the research outputs are often used to guide and inform conservation activities.

Sponsors form an integral part of our activities, as without their support our activities would be severely limited. Sponsorship varies from financial to in-kind support, and can be directed towards a specific project or to the group's activities as a whole. If you would like to support our work or find out more about our research activities, please contact us.